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ROSENREICH is a seduction of the senses by the queen of all flowers. A magical journey in her auspicious realm of dreams, longings and fulfillments.

The story of ROSENREICH

Everyone probably associates something with roses. They are expression of passion, culture and beauty. And a symbol of strong, self-determined women. The rose tells the story of humanity.

She has been a queen from the start: a timeless point of reference for many poets, rulers and historical clerk. She seems at once contradictory and perfect, thorny and delicate, ephemeral and unforgettable.

“I was too young to love her,” says the little prince from Saint-Exupéry about his rose. The experience of the royal blossom becomes just as magical and mystical through ROSENREICH. The rose as a source of beauty.



"After I tried the products of ROSEREICH for the first time, I was immediately absolutely thrilled. My skin is perfectly balanced by the care. No more dry spots, but soft, delicate skin and on top still a smoothing effect. At night I use the regenerating mask for the extra portion of moisture. For me, there is nothing else more."
Daniela Kindervater
"The products from ROSENREICH have completely convinced me from the first use. I could literally watch how, thanks to the extraordinary composition of the ingredients, Zeitwunder immediately started to relax my expression lines and generally smooth my skin in a way that I have never experienced before with any cosmetic product. Since I use it regularly, my skin has more moisture, more elasticity and my wrinkle depth has decreased. Star Hour, the deep cleansing and brightening scrub, is also one of my favorites. My skin looks much fresher, younger and smoothed since using it regularly. On top of that, the products smell great and are extremely productive - you really get a lot for the price!"
Daniela Hölzer
"Since I have been using ROSENREICH facial care, I no longer feel tight and my skin has become super soft. Even small wrinkles have diminished. The cream is like a soft focus for me. And top ingredients to boot."
Anja Warnking